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Laser Acne Treatment – Is It Effective To Clear Acne?

Acne is very common problem occurred by obstructed sebaceous glands. Even sometimes it causes for deeper cysts or nodules emerging on the face, neck, shoulders, back and upper arms. Usually, teenagers suffer from severe acne problem in their adolescence. However, it happens to the adults as well. In severe cases, acne can also result in scarring. Unfortunately, less severe acne problem may also lead to scarring if it is not treated properly.

Nowadays, acne is treated with laser therapy along with several other therapies. With the increasing popularity of laser acne treatment, more and more people including teenagers are coming forward to get solution from their acne problem. This article focuses on the problem of acne and how it can be treated with laser acne treatment.

Problems of Acne Scars

Acne appears on the skin when the pores fill up with oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. Then they gradually inflame and burst. For the deeper acne occurred deep in the skin, the infected substances spread through the deeper tissues and as a result, you have to suffer from bigger lesions. When your body tries to repair the damage by producing collagen, it ends up with a changed texture and smoothness of the skin. It could also result in depression and indentation on the skin surface resulting in acne scars.

How Laser Acne Treatments Work?

Lasers generate a strong monochromatic light that is restricted within a very narrow wavelength. While the light does not keep any effect on some substances, offers high intensity effects on other substances. Hence, a set of laser can heat up the hemoglobin without keeping any impact on the neighboring skin cells. Another set of laser is able to melt the melanin that results strong pigmentation on your skin. The third type of laser set is able to vaporize the tattoo ink. Therefore, dermatologists use laser therapy to annihilate specific substances occurred at specific depth on your skin.

Exposed skin care. Many dermatologists use the laser light as photothermal for skin resurfacing. The light heats up a particular substance on the skin. Following this process, laser is used to remove blemishes on the skin occurred for acne. This process is known as photothermolysis that can breakdown certain tissues on the skin. When the acne affected area on the skin is continuously treated with laser light, the affected tissues surrounding the target area are heated and gradually resolved.

Technology Used in Laser Acne Treatment

Now, acne can be treated without any drugs or unwanted side effects. The inflammatory acne lesions can be treated with laser treatment using the pulsed lasers. Strong blue wavelengths within a range of 420-950 nm focus on the porphyrins formed as the part of metabolism of P. acnes bacteria. Due to the interaction of strong blue light and porphyrins singlet oxygen is produced that can rapidly annihilate the acne bacteria without damaging their surrounding tissues.

Nowadays, more and more people are opting for laser acne treatment as it confirms about the definite and effective results on the acne problem within no time.